Thursday, March 26, 2009

FB, I owe you one.

HILDA SIN. Me and her go way.... back. I dunt really go to facebook (FB) that often and I dislike FB but I have to admit that it is thru FB that I found some of my closest old friends from school and I m soo thankful that I have an account there. She is now a mother of two, still as pretty as before....

SOFIA IBRAHIM. Now this picture is misleading - she isnt married. hahaha.... she is too as glam as before! She was always the one who was very particular abt her diet and her men and her studies...


I seriously hope they will not be angry that I have posted this here. :))))) Girls are like that, very fussy about how they look in pictures hahaa.... Piggy is gonna be so thrilled that I have found her two mates. Will text her tomorow.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

white and brown

Like my new skin???????
I m keeping it simple from now on, til I get fickle again :D


I almost fainted when I came home a few days back and realized that my mum was conned into signing a repair work w a contractor, and she had placed a deposit. Immediately I called up this contractor and request to move the scheduled repair work to a later date - til after I am back from my trip. I bought some time so that I can get a few other contractors' quotations for comparison. I only managed to arranged two contractors to come to my house to access the repair work - one from a Town Council recommended list of vendors and the other is from an old friend.

I was not really comfortable with the contractor from Town Council because he appeared rather 'unhelpful'; with each query pertaining to the technical aspects of the work he will reply not with a solution but a subtle shift of his responsibility. I begin to think if it even matters if this contractor is listed as recommended vendor in Town Council. Even the project coordinator from Town Council has stated very clearly over the phone that Town Council bare no responsibility to all work done by their vendor, in an event of dispute it will be between house owner and contractor. SIGH!

The other contractor recommended by a friend came in the evening and within an hour I have awarded him the job at a much cheaper price. I am not all 100% sure of him at this point but I am willingly to take this risk.

As for that original contractor whom my mum had signed a package with, I had negotiated a deal to only proceed w 20% of the work, which is to me rather minor. Initially they requested for an adjustment of the pricing but after some give-and-take I managed to retain the same price.

I have no idea how my mum could have been so careless to had signed a contract on the spot w/o consulting me first. She usually would not have allowed anyone into the house, especially a stranger. This got me really worried. But what puzzled me even more is my father's insistence to use the original contractor - he felt so strongly to use them. He doesn't seem pleased with my final decision but well, I am paying so I will decide.

Monday, March 23, 2009


If you are also watching If There's Season... well, good for you! Otherwise I am soo... sorry you are missing out a lot. Here's a snippet of Joanna Dong... i think she is on par with Taiwanese Joanna Wong, or maybe better.
Thanks to a few new friends I can now sign ABC...
:D I m thrilled! I m practicing....


BBQ was fun... I was doing some hot grilling and never tot I actually enjoy BBQ-ing. Didn't eat much but the process is very therapeutic. The last time I actually stood in front of fire and 'cook' was I think at least 10 years ago. Well, at least, I did a pretty decent job last night! Am so proud of myself. I have now advanced beyond Aglio Aglio.


RRT - Be happy. Good luck to the new job!


Four more days to Taipei.... Am gonna pack tomorrow! Cos I didn't get up til 2:00 pm today... so sleepy.


Since mum really wana get our (toilets) piping changed most likely I will have to let the contractor come and fix it up. Another 500bucks that is.... shiong arh!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

taipei taipei

going to taipei next week liao!!!!! so i m reposting this to remind myself that i must go jiu fen again this trip

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Too eager to voice a view

Something that I have encountered recently :

Extreme View Part 1

P: I think all gay men in SG are very depressed. All gay men in SG lived in a box (hand gestured a visual square in mid air). In MY country we are all very open! But not here... it's very sad here.
Me: Oh.... (OS: nah bey.....)

Extreme View Part 2

P: We cannot deny the fact that all of us - gay men - love white people, love all white men!
Me: ..........
Another guy: I disagree.
P: NO. It's true! WE ALL LOVE WHITE MEN.... You cannot deny it. I cannot deny it. I have a white boyfriend and I think we all love white men!

I can only say that I love all my friends, white, yellow, brown, black, any colours.

Plastic Face / Mega bitch

I just wana post this because I can soooo relate to Makiyo's encounters. Sigh.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mistevious at AFA Recruitment Drive 14/3/2009

Mistevious at AFA Recruitment Drive - Hey! Big Spender

Mistevious at AFA Recruitment Drive - Young & Beautiful

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday afternoon

I had a great steamboat lunch at the Dawson's Eat.Eat. dining corner today :D The food choices were very healthy and I felt like I can eat all afternoon and not feel fat or like I am piling up fats. (Thanks peng n ah mah for the food!) Too bad Mr Tai didn't join me at the lunch otherwise he would have meet Mister Haydn - Mister Haydn has grown up so much now and getting smarter. After a hug-and-goodbye, he went for his nap :D to leave the uncles and auntie to chat with his mummy.

Next time I will prepare my pasta or meatballs - my turn.

Uncle Goh drop me at gym (mt faber) after we left the Dawson's, and I couldn't really work out.. Not sure if it was becos of the heavy lunch or becos I wasn't familiar with the gym environment... I left after an hour of simple weights. Not very productive...

When you do come around, I won't be there no more

I have no idea what has gotten over this "friend cum neighbor". He is now hanging around young boys so much that he has already forgotten that we were friends for the longest time. I was outside PLAY doing my 'work' when I saw him and I went over to say hi, I was so shocked that his reply was as cold as ice (blue.... how ironic!). I didn't thought much at first so, I playfully poke him at his waist "Oy!?" And he replied "What?! I said Hi." and looked away.

Is getting into a priority queue at the club more important than a friend? That fucking queue line there is the way into your arrogant nose that leads you up to that superficial ass head.

I was so disappointed. This is definitely not how you should greet a friend whom you know for more than 10 years and even we hadn't know each other for that long, the least you should do is smile. I don't think I am overreacting by getting angry now and feeling really offended. I am not the sort to expect a lot from my friends but to me, this is unacceptable - because basic respect is the minimum anyone should give to his friends.

Monday, March 02, 2009

CUM join us! AFA Volunteer Recruitment Drive

For more info, email Avin Tan at

Cecilia Cheung Interview

Whether or not, she is a wild girl entangled in a scandal or an adulterous B, I find her very brave.

張柏芝cen獨家專訪【上集】1/3 27.2.09

張柏芝cen獨家專訪【上集】2/3 27.2.09

張柏芝cen獨家專訪【上集】3/3 27.2.09

Sunday, March 01, 2009

What a mouthful!

Try this: " 四十四只死石獅子 "

What has become of.....

I was casually reading thesundaytimes today and I read this.

"The Hong Kong chief magistrate, prosecutor, defence lawyer and four others had flown to Vancouver for a special hearing because (Edison) Chen refused to testify in Hong Kong."

Shocking. To me. As much as I love the guy but having the whole world evolving around him is a little over the top. No?


I have listed top priority in my Taipei shopping list... no, my to-do list, is to get her album!

星光3 梁文音 黃靖倫 不值得 20080509 學長姐合唱

星光3 梁文音 徐佳瑩 她在睡前哭泣 20080509 學長姐合唱

I thought this one is so funny..