Friday, July 31, 2009


I think I was very lucky today to have chanced upon this interesting toy. Thks to RRT :D

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I am enjoying this group so much more than 超級星光大道5. Even their post-productions are looking better.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Eng Eng Cheng Cheng

63. Oz next year - Wallaby. 2I/C. 3G. 4th H.Key. Roger, Roger.
Lobo Lobo. Cookhouse, E-mart, Cobra ->Daily routine. Kopi-O kosong. Engineer, Guards, PTI singlets - non-restricted items. AGGRESSOR! :D

3sgRoz: Ay Chan... jus now erh, Shahrin showed me some fotos and I see last time your picture...
CplChan: Oh... gemuk erh? hahaha....
3sgRoz: no no ... ok ....
3sgRoz: but I thought malay.... I ask who erh this malay guy how come i never see before, Shahrin say its CHAN. I say Chan? Look malay. So dark.
CplChan: haha.... Oh, that Thailand pic'zher! Taken 10 years ago. At Thailand training. wa... he still keep that photo...
3sgRoz: Inside his mp3 player.
3sgRoz: Now you are fairer, cannot tell already.
Thailand. Tiger stripes. Uncomfortable.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Sometimes we just forget how fortunate we really are and how we have neglected all small things in life that's been taken for granted. This song has a very special effect on me.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


This is the same guy in The Bangkok Love Story...
Alisa在MV裏飾演暗戀好友多年最後卻選擇默默守候,並且唱出好友Tob的苦戀愛 情故事,飾演同志的Tob和Alisa只有一場對手戲。短短五分鐘的MV裏春光乍洩, 導演特地拍出的男男相戀、擁抱、淋浴、為愛掙扎的鏡頭,劇情描寫一對男同志面臨家庭和 愛情的選擇,讓兩人愛得辛苦,最後不得不分手。

MV在送交電視台後回來的反應是「全部都得修掉才能播出」,但為維持故事的完整性,導 演和唱片公司還在傷腦筋,沒想到就發現網路上已經看得到未剪輯完成的MV,對於連番波 折,Alisa不禁嘆氣道:「《如果沒有明天》該不會真的沒有明天吧?」

Friday, July 10, 2009

Play it safe, use a condom

I read this somewhere and I thought I share it with my friends:

"HIV is no picnic, unlike so many Aids council brochures and campaigns seem to (with all good intention I'm sure) imply. Sorry, but I disagree. From what I've seen: You do not go climbing mountains like Magic Johnson when you have HIV. One thing my mate told me stuck with me - he likened HIV to his shadow, to a ghost: it follows you wherever you go, it haunts you 24/7, 365 days a year for the rest of your life. He said "the last thing I know before I fall asleep is that it's there, inside me. The first thing I think of when I wake up is: another day with HIV by my side. HIV is the most loyal and trustworthy partner I've ever had. HIV will never cheat on you or leave you for someone else." That sure scared the hell out of me!! And if someone's scared into having safer sex thanks to my comment, then so much the better! This is not something to be playing games with." MR DISCODAN, Fridae

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


从前, 有一个脾气很坏的男孩,他的爸爸给了他一袋钉子,告诉他每次发脾气或者跟人吵架的时候就在院子的篱笆上钉一根。第一天,男孩钉了37 根钉子。后面的几天他学会了控制自己的脾气,每天钉的钉子也逐渐减少了。他发现,控制自己的脾气,实际上比钉钉子要容易的多。终于有一天,他一根钉子都没有钉,他高兴地把这件事告诉了爸爸。爸爸说:从今以后,如果你一天都没有发脾气,就可以在这天拔掉一根钉子。日子一天一天过去,最后,钉子全被拔光了。爸爸带他来到篱笆边上,对他说:儿子,你做得很好 , 可是看看篱笆上的钉子洞,这些洞永远也不可能恢复了。就象你和一个人吵架,说了些难听的话,你就在他心里留下了一个伤口,像这个钉子洞一样。插一把刀子在一个人的身体里,再拔出来,伤口就难以愈合了。无论你怎么道歉,伤口总是在那儿。要知道,身体上的伤口和心灵上的伤口一样都难以恢复。

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

You are so low.

This idiot today from Equity is the second most irritating person I have ever met during an interview. All full of himself. w/o even a proper greeting, he just sat there, like an elephant, too heavy to move a inch. Not even a handshake. Nevermind. And thru'out the entire meeting, there was no smile, nor comments - good or bad. The only conversation we had was brief and unpleasant. He doesn't listen, and nor was he even interested to hear from me. His statements were biased and to certain extend, silly. No, stupid. I had wanted so much to just stand up and leave. But I didn't and I m glad I didn't, otherwise I would look really unprofessional – and he wasn't worth having me presenting myself that way.

I do learn one thing today : When the chemistry is not there, nothing else matter.

"You obnoxious insecure old-timer, it is people like you that make the local creative industry so painful and distasteful."

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Ally Mcbeal - THE BAR.

For the weirdest reason, all these superstars gathered at this little bar and perform for the barely less than a hundred crowd in the evening and it's amazing. I wish I have a bar like that to go to after a long hard day of work