Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cheena Haircut

I am always very adventurous w trying new hair stylists, a tad TOO adventurous sometimes hahaha... but todays proven that my Dont-Try-U-Wont-Know method does work. Wanted to go bck to one of my usu stylists, BUT she apparently had ran off / disappeared into thin air owing her rentals to the shop (yes, I KNOW!!!!!scary...) Of cos Queen Bobo called me to say that the rumor isn't true. So either Lion is exaggerating, again! or Bobo is lying. Haha... dunt care la.
So, I had my haircut at TPY central today. It was raining cats n dogs so, I tot I shld get my haircut first and hopefully by the time i m done, the rain will stop, then i can make my way to gym. I walk around TPY central looking... and looking... and I finally decided to try this one small little shop looking very run down and very unkept. My criteria is actually very str8forward, I wanted a guy to cut my hair and there mustn't be a long queue already, and of cos the price must be right lah. If i m prepared to pay a bomb I may as well go back to Thomas at Ngee Ann City. He is charging now $55, Director's cut. (!!!)
As I went inside, the one cutting for me happened to be a China man (frm his accent). I have never try to xplain my vanity needs in mandarin before so I was surprised at myself that I could very clearly deliver my msg to him haha... Initially worried that he didnt get me, BUT he DID!
The end result was more 'interesting' then I had expected so, I m sure that I will be going back there again. And, guess wat, it was only $16 (w/o wash).

Thursday, February 26, 2009

梁文音@CWP Singapore

I waited one hour just to shoot this... simply adore her!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy 35

35 liao.....

I have had the most exciting birthday this year. It is a rush with dinners to go to and friends to meet. I had a great time and a few very very valuable presents this year - A little toy bear (for my desk, to keep the OTHER lonely bear company) from Mr Tai, a very enjoyable lunch courtesy of a close friend, a sweet star pendant fr K n J and a surprise from Mr ROUND ROUND Tan. haha.... And if course the many many other smses that I have received from my other friends.

First time that I celebrated my birthday with Mr F Tan JL. He is also a 22nd piscesan :) He is going to be very upset w me for puttin his pic up here hahaha....

Saturday, February 21, 2009


謝謝 Queen BoBo ! I had a great time watching the show.
A very enriching Birthday gift. I will do my best when your turn comes August, at least on par monetarily ;)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

梁文音 Causeway Point 21 Feb 4pm Atrium stage

Been sick for almost two weeks now ... bad flu
So I had two days MC from the doctor.
Sneeze .....


name: grey
made: 12.2007
price: S$600

2009-02-06 Hong Kong

It is breathtaking. A view I can hardly forget.

I did had a really relaxing trip and eaten some really nice food, but for me, the people make the place so Hong Kong left a very vague impression. Except the wanton Mee at Causeway Bay and the chinese version of fast food restaurant, MeiXin - YUMMY!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

滅絕師太黃小琥 家後 KTV檔案!!

My personally favourite rendition

江蕙&方炯鑌(阿鑌) - 檸檬愛玉 MV - 超可愛酸甜男女對唱曲

江蕙一別過往熟女悲情路線 和創作才男新人方炯鑌(阿鑌)合唱超酸甜復古可愛歌曲 - 檸檬愛玉 台灣樂壇男女對唱經典再添一曲!!


My camera's batt is running too low for me to be able to download the pictures for the recent Hong Kong trip so I m gonna charge it tonight and hopefully soon I can get them organized! This one below is from Mr Tai's collection.
I kinda like the overall feel...

Monday, February 02, 2009

Expresso Coffee

I was checking out some coffee powders few days back and I have discovered the wonders of grinding coffee beans! Amazing. It is so damn easy and only now that I have discovered how to do it right. For only $7.90, I really do think it is so worth it.