Saturday, August 30, 2008

A good National Blend

I just realised that in my group of friends - almost everyone is paired up with a foreigner:

Ms LL Han (Singaporean) and Tan Ji Liap (Indonesian Singaporean)
K Tay (Singaporean) and J Mok (Malaysian SG-PR)
Tai Tai TAI (Singaporean) and Prince Ong CK (Singapore born Malaysian)

Farny siah.......

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Dont we all feel that way once awhile... we all have that moment.

I owe it all to you!

This one is a classic. I have the extended OST. hahaha...!
I was first introduced to the world of English music from here.

what can I say..... haha!

If you know this one, you ARE soooo old!

Retro time!

The first thing i recall when listen to this song is (1) Solid Gold. I follow religiously every week! (2) Saturday afternoon, after my NPCC parade; and some good-for-nothing punks will be blasting this song on their mini-compo at the technical block! haha... those were the days (3) Smash Hits magazine. Kylie is on the cover almost every issue.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day two

Woke up early today, went to the temple and came back for our complimentary breakfast, and had a long day out shopping. was great! will put up the pics soon ;)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day one

It's been rather cold and there's been slight rain here. But Bangkok will be Bangkok, the night is always very busy at Patpong and at Silom. K n J, Tai and me had just finished our dinner at Telephone, Silom Street. I like my fried chicken with fries... very satisying =) So is my Sex On The Beach cocktail! LOL... I bought a pair of slippers (at Patpong night market) for my trip to chaptuchak tomorrow. I managed to bargain from 750bht to.... 180bht! - EVERYTHING IS OVERPRICED HERE.

We will be heading out to Erawan Four Faced Buddha Temple tomorrow morning before breakfast. There will be my main intention of being here in the first place.

After that, head back to Bangkok City Suite for breakfast, before going to the weekend market.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Anna's closet

Ms Anna had tendered her resignation to radio1003. People who know me will know that I listen to 1003 throughout the day, from early morning til late night. (I am truly cheena) And I have always love her voice and the way she carry herself, no one I find so far is able to level her competence on radio. Am sad that she had to move due to health reasons but, I am sure it's for the better.

Got me thinking. This year my health hasn't been that great as well. Maybe I should also go on a break from work stress and my blood sucker boss. Already a few signs showing... Or do I wana wait til' it's too late?

Friday, August 15, 2008


Ladies, check out their colors!

Agyness Deyn - STYLISH MIX



Guys, they do have a male series for the pretty boys. And I think some well known person is endorsing it.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's your problem?

I REALLY think I should quickly get my driver's license and start saving to get my own car.

Today is the second time I encounter another rude woman in the train. I was already standing at the edge of the cabin and I could not move in any further because there was this handicap guy in crutches behind me, so came this stupid woman keep on squeezing her way in - FOR GOD'S SAKE, wait another train will fucking XXX is it! When she finally got into the train, she just kept grumbling about how she was being squeezed and that it so dangerous for her to be so near to the closing door, beat that! And of cos her body continue to make way into the already packed cabin.

Me: "What's your problem? You cant see that this guy already cant stand properly and you have to keep squeezing in."

Woman: "You got see who's the last to enter of not?" she was pointing to this another stupid uncle who later made his way in infront of her. "Don't scold me. Scold the last one to come in."

Me: " Can you be more considerate or not?"

Me: "You keep pushing onto me."

Woman: "I never push you ok. People pushing me."

Me: "Fuck you lah!"

Woman: "Like woman like that, keep complaining. Man where got like that. Grumble grumble grumble... I enter the wrong door...." Made her way into the inside of the cabin passing through the handicap guy and keep on grumbling about how I have wronged her.

Handicap guy: "Can you be more considerate? I m physically disable and I m trying my best to hold on. What you want me to do? I can't move in anymore and there's a lady before me and I cant move in anymore..."

Handicap guy: "If I fall down will you be responsible? Theres a lady in front of me, I cannot squeeze in further onto her, I am a guy you know. She complain bring me to police will you be my witness? Why cant you be considerate?"

Woman: Busy defending herself.... grumble more. "Your friend scold me ok!"

Me: (To her) "I don't know him ok..." "I just find you so inconsiderate"

We reached Toa Payoh station.

Handicap guy: Moving near towards me at the door "Bro' are you alighting at Toa Payoh? If not, I need some space to move out..."

Me: "Sure... sure... i am alighting too ..."

I walked him up to the control station and he casually mentioned that this isn't the first time that he meet such inconsiderate people in public transports. He will just have to bear with it and move on in life. He is doing outdoor sales and he needs to move around quite alot.

Me: "Why don't you take the bus? MRT at these hours are very packed...."

Handicap guy: "it is the same... buses also have many funny people. They obviously see me in such condition and they will even scold me out loud."

Handicap guy: "ok you take care... bye"

Me: "bye..."

Feeling very affected when I left him, I know that I need to do a 30 minutes run at gym to get this feeling out of my system.
I probably may see him again - or, maybe not. but, I have learnt something today.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

what some people do.

I tot this is funny

Monday, August 04, 2008


Read from Jason Hahn's article that his flatmate Amanda had just lost a major case she'd been working on for nearly a year... reminded me of one of mine. I've been trying to get one for close to a year and a half, didn't get it - that case eventually went to someone else consider to be a bigger player and a much higher asking rate but, a not so impressive design. Life is sucky.

Health has not been so good for me =(
A few issues which I do not want to write about right now.
Until I get my medical results.
People who know me will already know about it whereas, people who do not know me, its not that important to know about.

hmmm... is it Monday or Tuesday that you will get to see my Orchard MRT design....
Look out for it k! =)