Friday, June 27, 2008


I have not visit my 阿嬤 for a long time - I m feeling so bad.
I pray for her everyday.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

bye bye my cookie oreo chips

I have decided to remove the links to my friends' blogs.
Because I wish to make sure that they are 'safe'.
Love ya guys

Thursday, June 19, 2008

am sorry...

Not finding an excuses but the mistake that I have made is really not intentional.
Had situation been a little different I would have been able to make a wiser move.
To this special someone please dun be upset with me - my thousands apologies!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

HELLthy way of life

1. One Cup of black coffee (no milk, less sugar)
Or one glass of milk
2. One slice of wholemeal bread

In between Breakfast and Lunch
1. One to two pieces of biscuits
Or, half an apple

1. 5-8 pcs of Yong Tau Fu, soup option
2. One cup of vegetables
3. One glass of fruit juice

1. One glass of Milk
Or, One banana

1. One fist-size of meat (non-fried)
2. One cup of vegetables
3. One glass of fruit juice

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Peculiar Chris

"How much longer could we take the kind of verbal abuse that we threw at each other under those trying circumstances? I did not know what was worst for Samuel - to be apparently healthy and wondering when his immune system would break down, to be slightly ill and wondering if his immune system had broken down, or to finally have an immune system that had broken down and die as a result. Every option was equally traumatic, and the undeniable fact was that he was likely to go through every one of them."

Peculiar Chris

I refused to believe in beginnings because a beginning necessarily implies an end. If you reject the idea altogther, life just goes on.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


At every singing contests, I will always lookout for the ONE that sticks out like a sorethumb - 張芸京:平面設計師, I simply love HER!
And she look so cute. Only if she's a he. Totally my type. she does slightly resemble 小鬼.... yes?

p.s. Hon, I m kidding... ha...

.... move slowly

Snails... I simply love them. Slow and steady....
They will only come out to play after a rain so, be careful not to step on them!


I am not really a cat lover but this one is soo cute so I have to take its picture - Saturday noon :)
It doesn't look so pleased ... Heehee ...

Saturday, June 07, 2008

New look!

Ta Dah..... New look! A little facelift, A new boy color for a change.
Less flashy gay tone. ha...

Thanks for reading Cookie's News Flash!
Stay tune for more on Cookie's LIFEEEEEE..........
Brought to you by Mr Ong Chee Kiong.

Second life

I heard about this Second Life online 3D virtual 'game' - not sure if i got it right. But it's really bizarre.
You will be living in a world created by its residents and connect with people in that world and get to make friends virtually. You get to become anyone you want to be and live any life you want to have. Just google it.

I already know who I would want to become. Ha....

Been feeling tired, maybe it's work

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I am on my own -> so I will usually go to the gym. Except maybe Fridays, because well, it's FRIDAY - being that last day of the week, I sometimes wana give my body a break and not go gym; maybe have a drink with friends or have dinner. Depends.

Certain Tuesdays and Thursdays -> I will head to gym too, if I am not dating - but these are 'rest days' so mostly light cardios and light weights.

Very briefly that's a summary of my after-work schedules. I really dislike talking about my work-outs because I find that really hardcore and I don't think I am - I just like to run, and of cos eventually look presentable :)

Saturdays -> My pat-tor day, and that's usually in the evening. In the morning, I go work out. Again. Usually Saturday work-out is at Yishun. (Toa Payoh is mostly weekdays because that's nearer to work) This evening, I am watching Nardia with my Shan Cai. Haha...

Sundays -> My rest day. After work-out, I go home and finish up my left over work which sometimes I will bring back home. Sad.

Hmm... I wonder at the rate I am heading gym, why is my spare tyre not gone!?
Coming August -- Likely BKK
Next Feb -- Hong Kong

I am making plans to go travel with friends this year end, before Christmas. Initial plans for Taipei may have to wait ... sob. It will be six of us, H n F, K n J and Tai and me. I can't wait.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


我不知道 我能原諒 她嗎

Tuesday, June 03, 2008