Monday, April 05, 2010

Whaling issue

Dolphins can die from stress and they kill themselves by 'committing suicide' – they stop their own breathing and drown to death. It is cruel to hunt intelligent creatures.

Japan, again?

I m beginning to question the Japanese's way of life. slaughtering dolphins in such inhumane manner? Try to get hold of the video - The Cove - it's a real wake up call.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

"You have fallen from grace"

Deja Vu. I have become fat again.

When you become fat, everything around you changes.
The way people treats you,
The way people talk to you,
The way people look and cast a deadly angrily piercing stare at you,
Your gestures become repulsive.
All these magnify by ten times.
You become sensitive and you begin to feel like you are not likable anymore.

Love this song. Certain parts of the lyrics I love...
"Don't think you realised the effect you have over me... Please don't look at me like that"