Saturday, January 27, 2007

Looking back, I think a lot has to be done...

(1) Work satisfaction : [Checked!]
(2) Money : [can be better... well, Checked!]
(3) Proper working hours : [Not quite what I have in mind]
(4) Great Colleague(s) : [ermmm.... if I ever have one]
(5) Condusive working Environment : [speechless]

Well... I m gonna hang in there for a little longer.
At least they are paying me a little better now.

I am still coughing. But better.
And I am so proud of myself that I have passed my ippt test!
I deserved a fag! :P

Thursday, January 25, 2007


No, I wont spend that much $ just to see him live at the Rain's Coming World Tour but I am a fan :) Not obsessed but, I do have his music in my nano - at constant replay! haha... His success is almost like fairytale, and I always like the poor-boy-make-it-good kinda gimmick - yes, it's probably half true half marketing strategy but it works. His cute slitty eyes add to his appeal, at least for me. I realised I have a soft spot for slitty eyes. So, that explains...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

You know wat I REALLY despise?

(1) People who always have a motive/reason for being overly nice to you all of a sudden - reason: they need a favour.
(2) People who all of a sudden wana buy you dinner - reason: they need a favour.
(3) People who all of a sudden wana catch up - reason: they need a favour.

I actually respect you more if you can just come straight to the point and ask for my help.
IF I think I can help, I might. But if you try to play the mind game, the answer is a definite NO.