Monday, November 24, 2008

lion du lan liao

Kiong: angry ...
Lion: with?
K: wth a stupid hawker
K: so damn rude
L: ha ha...? let go lah.
L: just spread the word around.
L: then let go.
K: i bought a butterfly keuy from him n he jus thro it on the glass top
K: so angry i dump it into the rubbish bin
K: to remind myself wat a shitty experience n never buy fr there again
L: at east coast the other day, my mum wanted to eat beef noodle... i went to queue, I'm the 3rd person. then wait wait wait... 30 minutes later, he cook 1 bowl for the guy in front of me... behind me, from no queue until long long queue...
L: he just waiting for the queue to form...
L: i also angry, so when he asked what i want, i just walk off.
K: 30mins?
K: u kiddin
L: not kidding. cos my mum wants to eat, i dun mind the queue. but it was too long... and the stall has 3 people... all just standing around doing nothing... just waiting for the queue to get longer.
L: cos in east coast, the longer the queue, the more people will want to queue to buy the food...
K: was he even cookign at all?
K: or even pretend to cook
L: not cooking... all 3 just standing in the stall talking... wash a few bowls...
L: arrange the meat here and there... generally just waiting... cos every now and then, the cook will look at how long the queue is.
L: then when the queue has like 20 over people, then he start to pick up his laddle and throw some noodles into the water.
K: u never ask have to wait how long
L: i didn't ask lah.
L: at first i was just playing my phone, then realise why so long, then i notice what they are doing.
L: then just before me, i call my mum... i shouted very loud... "what else do you want to eat???? They take 30 minutes to cook 1 bowl of noodles!!!" i faced the queue and shout
L: then, my turn, i say i dun want to eat anymore.? then behind me, got a few customers also walked away.
K: wah u as hot temper as me
L: i dun.
L: you throw away... so wasteful...
K: can i blog this?
L: YES!!!
L: it's the beef kway teow stall at east coast!
L: hawker centre... with RED logo
K: ok ok
L: blog IT!!!
L: ha ha... you must blog it all down okay?
K: ok ....

At one of my usual missions (out to save the gay community) last night, I met a long time friend, Ms. Mistevious - looking every bit herself. She is one person I have total respect for and she has never change one single bit from when I first knew her since 5-6 years ago. This one is my favourite among her many many other pictures:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New office

Lunch at Orchard Towers used to be: Main course $5 to $6 + Kopi $0.80 + Fruit $2 = $8.80
Lunch at TPY is now: Main Course $2.20 + Kopi in a milk can $0.90 + Pancakes $1 = $4.10

SEE! Unbelivable.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Uncle has passed away today

You know what they say about a phone call in the middle of the night is always bad news.

You will be missed. Peace.


Ah Soh: You changed your own designation to a SD in the new namecard artwork? Why did you demote yourself?

Ah Soh: Can you PLEASE change it back to AD - your working title. (notice her tone is never a request although she was asking)

Kiong: No la. I think I want to keep it as my official designation. SD is good for me.

Kiong: I am more comfortable using SD. I never apply for AD post and you keep piling AD work onto me. I don't like spoon feeding juniors. I hate doing those admin work. Making sure that their works are on track. I would rather concentrate on my own design work.

Ah Soh: You mean I can't even ask for your second opinion on junior's work? You know other company also the same - even if you are a SD, you also have to do a AD's work, with AD's responsibilities.

Kiong: That's other people. None of my business.

Ah Soh: ok .. you change it back to AD. I will take note of it.

Kiong: I been here for two years close to three. I know you. You will go back to square one and ask me to do the same old things again. I don't need that. Now I am making it official. I don't want to take care of juniors. So, NO.

Ah Soh: I have no time for these... I got no time to keep attending to these things about you. Other designers never give me such problem. It's very common that your have another title different from your official title. Like my friend, she is a Manager but her namecard states General Manager. Other bosses don't even ask their staffs, they just print the cards...

Kiong: You can print. But I wont distribute.

Ah Soh: Why you so unaccommodating? You come in 9am plus and leave at 630pm sharp, I also never say anything. It doesn't matter one, what have you got to lose?

Kiong: When I come in 7am and leave at 10pm I don't see you complaining.

(Her mind is all over the place. I am not about to join her in her mental roller coaster. Not gonna go further with her nonsenses.)
Ah Kiong: If doesn't matter why are you so particular about this. You brought this up yourself. So, may I now go back to my work.

Ah Soh: OK la. Up to you.

星光大道 - Great Singing


Anyone has any idea what does DYMK stands for?
NO prize for getting it right. hahahaha....

Lovely place. Hope it will be around as long as MOX.