Friday, October 24, 2008

JP The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, is he gay?

Well, I thought I had missed that episode where JP was supposedly booked for one of the gay magazine cover job but that only catch was the cover model has to be gay to be put onto the cover - Channel 5 didn't broadcast that episode which they were to reveal if he was or not gonna take up that cover job. Viewers were left at that not knowing if JP is gay....

Til I saw this on youtube... at around 6:35 of the clip

Bintan, Indonesia

Gonna go Bintan to leelax leelax a bit :D
Will be back recharged, I hope....

The last time I was at Bintan must be like 12-15 years ago with Yentaa, Michael, Fang, Denise, Sylvia etc....
I doubt anyone still remember. LOL

Economy down-turn means I get more gym time for myself

Tues : Cleared half day leave. Morning went to gym to work out and head to office to work.
Wed : Cleared full day leave. Caught up with some rest and packed my room a little.
Thurs : Cleared half day leave. Left office at 1pm, and went to gym.
Fri : Cleared half day leave. Left office at 1pm, and went to gym.

Orh-ffice Seng li bo ho arh!
Boss geo wah clear lipp arh!


Ho la, ho la.... Lim peh kee gym X-SIR-SAI loh!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I think maybe I should really tone it down a tad

On our way home in the train, from bukit batok to wdlds...

Mum sat next to one old aged uncle around his 50s or 60s, and uncle had moved slightly to an empty seat besides him so that I can sit down with my mum. It was very kind of him but there was one young kid in his teens or early 20s playing his PS2 too engrossed (or too bochap) raised his right foot over his left thigh, 'blocking out' one empty seat. This kid totally ignored uncle's request for him to put his foot down. Only after moments of hesitation, this brat finally brought down his foot and continue to play his hand held game. I had already witness this but since he had decided to sat himself properly, I kept quiet.

Within the next 5 seconds, this spoilt brat raised up his foot again and I lost it. I totally cannot tolerate people who do that and actually many times I had told a few guys off too in the train when they do that because their shoes tend to rub off my pants and I hate it when that happens - executive wearing adults or guys in their sports wear heading to school or idiots in their berms & slippers weekends, i have seen them all. To me, it is the equivalence of some ladies who love to cross their legs and leg out obstructing the walkway, in a crowded train - I would usually walk right pass them and leave them bitching behind.

So back to this morning's saga....

"HELO, do u have any manners to just put your leg down?"..... of cos, with this I knew I had started a war in the train. That spoilt brat's equally irritating sister started finger pointing and his another female family member, could be the mother starting trying to reason things out, and other passengers inside the train started speaking up for that uncle... The next thing i saw, that brat wanted to challenge another elderly man to a fight, shouting and hand gestures and all... since I am in my gym wear, I thought I can also put some of my worked out muscles to use... Of cos, in the end, there wasn't any blood shed or any hard punches.

I had didn't want to create a scene or 'act hero' but this encounter is not the first time where I got really hot tempered and just felt that I need to speak up (it had happened since school days where my lovely classmates would know what temper I had before and since my clubbing days at the pubs, even the gay ones...) I cannot just pretend that I don't see anything and try to ignore, there is this inner me that will just demonstrate his kaypoh-ness when situations arise. I tot I have tamed down a lot over the years but I think I haven't... I got to stop.

Maybe I need to learn to tolerate, control and learn to become more bo-chap, or be at peace with myself more. ONLY IF I could ever be able to come to term with myself and convince myself that when I do meet some bloody idiots and they had irritated me or said some really nasty things to me, I have to forgive them and pray for them to be good.

And well, that will be salvation day, you mother fuckers!


wah.... this ah pui not bad at all

Friday, October 17, 2008

COURTS, again!

I can never understand how someone working in such a huge organization can be so bloody rude and unprofessional. I called the helpline 18002226868 to enquire for their main office number. It's not called a helpline for fun right? And ironically I didn't get much help from there. A lady picked up the phone and conveniently gave me a random number. I know how helpful they usually are so, I double checked with her if that is the correct number.

"Is that the number to the main office?" I asked. "No", "It's Bukit Timah Branch." she replied, as a matter-of-factly. "No. I asked for the main office number..." "Wait" she put me on hold. And sometimes when u get irritated, everything magnified - their holding tone is apparently, toneless, no music, just silence; how 'comforting' to know that they really look into details and they are so 'willing' to help. "It's 63097888". Again, I checked "Is this to the main office?" "It's the Mega store's number." she replied. Puzzled, and I asked, "Is the main office in the Mega Store?" "Ya." I can hear her sigh and her impatient tone.

I slammed the phone. I hope she got my point.

And oh yes, I wish she has a day as great as she had made mine to be.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Madonna’s directorial debut

Late night yesterday, I met K and J, H and F, and new couple MS and Eric after my gym. Eric isnt as 'chatty' as H and F said he is but he is really the Mr Know-Everyone. From the bosses of Mox to even The Bitch, A (!). Is that even possible? We had a drink at McD's Forum and didn't leave til 2am. We can really talk...

Woke up at only 11am this morning and I was always upset whenever I sleep late on wkends - I just dun like to waste the day away in bed, especially wkends. But, ironically, wkdays are totally different thing, I can never get up on time. haha.....

Bought these before I got home from gym just now:
Grease 2 VCD $6.95
Sister Act VCD $6.95
Sweet Home Alabama VCD $6.95
Dance of the Dragon VCD $12.90

Saturday, October 04, 2008

I have been feeling nervous and paranoid lately. Need a drink...

Just Once