Friday, February 22, 2008

For myself on my birthday - love this guy. His gentle manner and his talent - admirable.

34. SHOCKING....

Happie Birthday to me...
又老了啦 jialiat...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Day One

First day of work after a long break (11.5 days) I just wanted to lie down in bed and not get up at all. Took a lot of determination and strength :D literally. The day was ok... work wasn't that busy. As usually, had lunch at around 12ish and I left around 7pm. Went to the gym, ran for about 20mins and within an hour I was done with my work out. Erm... not very exciting at all. I need to seriously look into that part of my life and make it better. A new year resolution, maybe?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I think it's important to be nice.
I think it's a lot more admirable to be able to be nice.

Cos it's the easy way out to be a bitch.
I can be a bitch in like a second, but it will take years to become a nice person.


WOOHOO! Gay theme in the 80s...

With Or Without You

Tis one's for Kenny. He opened my mind n ears n eyes to U2. :)

Fast car

I absolutely CANNOT do a recap without including her! She's my favourite. Even til these days...
Please listen to the lyrics. [click onto the video and on youtube you will find her lyrics]

First Time

Do we remember that this was a Coke song!? :)

Could Have Been

This song reminds me of a pen pal I used to have... Fanny. She's from TKGS. hahahaa... we even went on a group date and she actually brought along her other classmates (a girl called Rose...) and I brought my guy classmates to meet her up together. :D

Let's Wait Awhile

Secondary three - four. I don't think she will ever be able to touch me again with her songs now, like how she did with this one before. It will always be a saturday wee morning, right before my NPCC parade starts and I will be polishing my boots with this song. And, of cos, with my Marlboro Red :)

In My Dreams

This one is another classic. Secondary two - three. I used to listen to Roger Khoo and Lynette Khoo, and once I heard this one over their programme, Saturday Spin! and I fell in love with it. Think it stayed on number one for the longest time then.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

One Hand One Heart

No story to this one. I just love her. Since young. One of my many favorites, One Hand One Heart :) Think she is still looking very good for her age now.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Was It Nothing At All

Secondary four. This song instantly brings me back to the smell of Waffle Town chicken at Bukit Timah Plaza, Basement 1. I was working parttime at KFC at the same level. And this song is on constant replay every morning when I do opening :) I miss my gang Meiling, Bizhen, David, Spark and Lynette.

Eternal Flame

Secondary three - four. I had this HUGE crush on this girl - Hilda Sin. hahaha!
She love this song. So, this song reminds me of her. "How've you been Mei fong?"

Mandolin Rain

Secondary one - two. I used to study til very very late at night or sometimes early morning next day. And usually by 5am, radio would be playing this song. THEN, I was still listening to perfect 10, 98.7 :) I would have one Marlboro red and then head to bed.


I really really like him then ... I grew up listening to him. I still remember when I was still in primary school and everyday grandma would wake my cousins and me up at 6am. Rediffusion would definitely be playing Billy Jeans or Madonna's Like a Virgin while going through their routine radio aerobic exercise :) I still cannot get over that orbit white socks lah....

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Been DOWN. Never been this down in my life. I m blessed that I have two very important people in my life.
Kenny, 沒有你 我不會有今天的自己,沒有你的不故一切都為我禍出去 我不知道我能不能走到這裡。 謝謝你ugly!
Hon, 有了你的愛 我就多了那一口气活下去。其實 我需要你,這十年來的點點滴滴 我會帶著 放再心裡。

During my depression period, I find myself listening to this song a lot (For some reasons, I find peace in it)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

I have gotten my first birthday gift in 2008 from mr tai :D
really cool .... and now I wont catch any colds at work le!
its got my fav colour red and my lucky colour silver - two in one

thanks hon