Thursday, October 29, 2009


I had my wisdom tooth removed today and it was painless. How amazing. I was at the dental early morning 9:30 am and the dentist was late for 15 mins but when he arrived he was very friendly and very soft-spoken, at that point I knew I was in safe hands... No heavy duty work or exercise today so i will go back to my gym routine only tomorrow :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Make up or made up?

I only started noticing the importance of make up recently after a party night out w an old friend and she look a hell lot of difference 'before' and 'after'. :D I shant mention name... in case she's reading this. But knowing her, she only has time for $$$$. 'where got time read other people's old grandmother stories online one...' hahaha!

Tis is for me, to a certain extend, shocking.

Case one:

Case two:

Sunday, October 18, 2009


你一個人失了魂 清晨哭到夜深
不要別人問 我不出聲 一直等
聽你說你心疼 當時好傻 好天真
如果可以我願意 這樣陪你到永恆

讓我照顧你 面對再大的風雨
也能微笑做自己 像個孩子 躺在我懷裡
讓我照顧你 在這荒蕪世界裡
就算有新的劇情 在明天等著你
然而在你最需要的此刻 請讓我輕撫你

總有一天會有人 一個懂你的人 
如果可以我願意 這樣陪你到永恆

讓我照顧你 面對再大的風雨
也能微笑做自己 像個孩子 躺在我懷裡
讓我照顧你 在這荒蕪世界裡
就算有新的劇情 在明天等著你
然而在你最需要的此刻 請讓我照顧你

你看破了虛偽 拆穿愛的假面
我會在你身邊 當你傷心欲絕

讓我照顧你 面對再大的風雨
也能微笑做自己 像個孩子 躺在我懷裡
讓我照顧你 在這荒蕪世界裡
就算有新的劇情 在明天等著你
當你對這世界失去信任 請讓我照顧你

This is a very gay song - I love the melody and she had delivered it very well with her unique tone. All her albums are sold out here in Singapore, have to wait till record company reprint. Maybe when she come here to do promo I will go see see look look :D

Thursday, October 15, 2009

my sister's keeper

Do you remember when is the last time you actually cry to a movie? I have never cry this much in one movie my whole life. I enjoyed it.

My favourite track from the OST.

My favourite scene, at the beach.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"World peace"

There were many occasions where I had either read abt Ris Low or hear abt her, on press, on tv or on radio - she disgusts me. I do pity her but I m sorry, she is just so irritating. i m glad that the new replacement is someone much more worthy and intelligent.

Yahoo website:
The new beauty queen said she’s just a regular girl.
She said: "I do not have any convictions or criminal records I enjoy travelling, baking and participating in various sports activities. I’m a good girl." (Pic above)

Yes, yes, e new replacement is a bitch but hey i rather someone bitchy then someone stupid to represent e country. Til today I am still very puzzled by wat the judges saw in Ris Low and who are the panel of judges.... Simply amusing.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

他的風箏 蕭煌奇

就到這裡分手 安慰的話別說
從此不再尋找 不再輕易擁抱

別管我的感受 別怕傷害了我
我怎能不放手 不願讓你牽掛我的寂寞

妳的掌心你的溫柔 點燃了我點燃了寂寞
只要你幸福迎風 我願意沈默

我願 放開雙手 給你自由 給你夢
給你 寬闊天空 飛翔放縱

你說 愛他靈魂 為他犧牲 是認真
你是他的風箏 該由他來心疼

別管 沈默的我 孤獨的我 怎麼過
你要 珍重自己 好好生活

我願 美麗風箏 快樂天真 去遨翔
就算 我一個人 孤獨荒涼

Friday, October 02, 2009

Gam 'Key'?

It is very strange how friends you never thought could actually get along together when introduced become seemingly BFF????! Calmen met Adan > Place: Mambo > Chatted: "Your birthday ah!? Happy Birthday..." > Danced with tequila shots > separately commented that I have "fun" friends. Hmm... like that also can oh?