Sunday, July 27, 2008


Monday, July 21, 2008


Great World City
Dinner for three

Me, a huge light bulb
No doubt

Jack's Place Restaurant
fish, chicken and steak with mayo spread on

Catching up on O' time
and, a budding romance I sense is coming along fine

Sharing of ice-cream brownie
in half
Roasted Chicken D can't finish but
willingly, W would stuff

Never a better match I deem
All the best I wish, W and D


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Recent incident shows that the old saying 'dogs that don't bark will bite the deepest' is true.
I relate what had happened to my mum, and she told me that she too was bitten when she was young and similarly it all happen too suddenly to react. So the next time you see a dog that seems strangely silent, just be doubly careful.

Somehow, all these seems rather de javu...

foolish move

Used to really adore her... but duno wats gotten into her. pity.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today's really not my day. A few projects came rolling back in when I thought the cases were long closed. I really hate that. And whole day at work was rectifying errors after errors - and these weren't even errors on my end. My tolerance level for incompetent idiots is low.

And then, later part of the afternoon, I've gotten a shocking news. Couldn't really concentrate after that. And I decided to miss gym in the evening because I know I wont be able to work out in that state of mind anyway so, no point going.

On my way home, I bought a CD which I tot that would have to be 'the' CD of the year for me although it was released 2007.
Take a listen :

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just me

It has become a routine for me to stay up real late on friday nights - either dinner wth H and F, gym or reading my book.
Saturday morning the alarm rings at 7am but I wont get up til 11am. ha... Tune in to 1003 and clean the house when no one is at home. Mum will be working and dad will be out somewhere... Yeo Yan Yan will be on-air, 43B. And by 2pm as she finish her programme, I will be almost done with my chores. Very timely.

Soon my Maquillage will be completed at Orchard.
And then I will be expecting my big fat comm coming in
Hahaha..... Oh well, I so deserve every cent of it!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

You give love a bad name

Nice rendition... Now there's two Singaporean guys in the finals. But my fav is still 林芯儀.

It's already July...

I've not been able to really update my blog - seeking forgiveness fr my bloggy =P
There's been work... pat tor... gym, busy slimming down... work... pat tor... blah blah
(Noticed that my complexion isn't as good as before - need more Estee Lauder, night repair serum! haha And of cos, some rest sleep and rest!)

Few nights ago, I have a wonderful stay at Merchant Court - and below are just my comments:
1. Bed - Really bad! it is too soft. ★
2. Cleanliness - ★★★★
3. Facilities - There's gym + pool + ice dispenser outside the room, right at the door. Just a little disappointed that they didn't place in toothpastes and tooth brushes. ★★★★
4. Service - So-so. Seriously, they don't smile enough. By Swissotel hotels' standard, I am giving only ★★.
5. Food - At the lobby cafe, their durian paste is very famous. And, always very comforting. Good. But the other food is normal. ★★★
Overall - ★★

@ Work
I m looking forward to giving my friends a treat - Thanks for the intro uncle Jeff! wink!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008