Sunday, September 27, 2009


My biggest disappointment in the remake of Fame was that this scene is not there. That's like E most important scene in the entire show. There's no point in doing a remake of the original when most important scenes and themes aren't included, it may as well take form of another name and plot. However, I was touched by the new rendition of Out Here On My Own - I like it.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Segamat is a town and district located in the north of the state of Johor in Malaysia, bordering two other states of Malaysia (Negeri Sembilan on the west and Pahang on the north). It is located roughly 172 kilometres from Johor Bahru, the capital city of Johor State. It is 95 km travel distance via North-South Expressway from Johor Bahru to Yong Peng. It is another 77 km via Federal Route 1.

Strategically situated between Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Singapore, Segamat is a fast growing agricultural oil palm and rubber district, famous for its delicious durians, and the recent slogan used to attract tourists to Segamat is Selamat Datang ke Segamat - Tanah Raja Buah-buahan (Welcome to Segamat - The Land of King of Fruits). Segamat town is a typical medium size town with a blend of old and new cultures. A mere 45 minute drive from town offers a variety of hiking and swimming sites namely the famous Gunung Ledang, Air Panas Waterfall and Bekok Waterfall which make an enjoyable weekend getaway.

Now it kinda make sense cos Mr Tai love durians..... And THAT'S their tallest building! Wah.

I fired her. Again!

"C, I dunt think I am suitable for your jobs. Will invoice you, 30 days payment terms. Tks."

I cannot believe she is still very capable of driving me UP the wall. Over the phone, we have already agreed upon the specs and scope of work for that specific rate, and she simple disregard all that insist that I do more than what we agreed upon. So very her.

Me: I cant do it.
M: we agreed that I only do this this this, for this rate. I m sorry I will not do more.
C: theres also CD face design!
C: but u r finishing soon. then wat u do tomorrow?
M: I still have the remaining stuffs which I have agreed to deliver, I will do those.
C: u need so much time to do those meh?
C: it is understood wat - Cover design is also together with back cover design.
M: C! arms are arms. legs are legs. I only agree to do cover, I never agree to do back cover. sorry.
M: if like that, then tomorrow I wont come in liao
C: but, there! client also wrote here - cover PLUS back cover. (showing me the client's brief)
M: thats between u and client. nothing to do w me.
M: U still want me to do CD face...... wah lau.
M: if u want me to do back cover. Can. Take out one item, and i will do it for you in place of that.
C: Cannot la!!!!!
M: I cant do it.
C: ok loh then u do whatever u say.
She bloody tossed the brief right in front of me on my desk. She is out of her screwed up mind.

Tell me, how to deal w such ah soh?

Monday, September 07, 2009

朱俐靜 vs 符琼音 - Listen

Not too bad... not perfect, but it's fun to watch. Definitely better than 徐佳瑩 + 徐詠琳 - 身騎白馬

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Do take a look and maybe try to send an entry. You could actually win a prize!

Loving You - 劉明湘 Vs Minnie Riperton

One of the few rare renditions of this song that doesn't irritate me, in fact it's pretty impressive. (8:00)

But of course no one beats Minnie Riperton.

"Loving you is easy cos your beautiful ooh....."

"Stay with me while we grow old, we will live in each day in spring time..."

Thursday, September 03, 2009

How strange....

When someone ask/greet you "How are you!" or "What's up!" - its really an exclamation mark and not a question mark.
You don't have to reply in detail or with much obligation to elaborate. Just say "Good." You don't have to mean it.

Sometimes, I do wonder why people even bother asking at all.