Sunday, April 30, 2006

Rainy Sunday

It just feels like december...
strange... usually april is hot n sunny
(not complaining)

A long weekend

woke up at 1130am today! Fwah... havent had such a great sleep for sooo long...
went out and have got so much done today... was kinda funny to see jimmy in the bus when we were at the busstop! WAVE WAVE. :) Gotten my bloodbrother bag and now I can stuff all my gym gears into my work bag - am so happy!!! Will try to get up early tomolow... need to seriously loose some weight...

Saturday, April 29, 2006

1pm, outside Thai Embassy - Same time, same place.

Didnt reach office til about 930am... I was sooo tired. Felt like I was dozing off as I walked to work this morning!
Had to grab a coffee on my way up to office ...

Had lunch with AUNTIE WIJAYA today.
Went to Scotts, she was amazing at getting a seat! hahaha...
She insisted that I put this up as a personal advert for her.

Its been a week since they started seeing interviewees ... hope they get someone in soon. My work is really piling... Havent got time to really craft anythg at the rate things are moving... sian...

View from the office. Overlooking Forum Galleria. A rainy day.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

My little Brokeback Joey

Isnt this funny! :-)

I wana try and get work done tomolow... Gonna be a long weekend for everyone. It's Labour Day on Monday. Would be really nice if I can go on a short trip to just sit by the pool and have a cup of coffee/tea. Soak in the water or roast myself into a brownie.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

it stormed today
wouldve been great to just sleep at home the whole day
but of cos, no such luck!
need to work...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I simply find this pic hilarious! Looking back - wah lau - I am official FAT now.

Second month into the job and second colleague left again... This is really not very good leh. Anyway, thought as much... a matter of time, I thought before they actually ask her to go. oh well....

Btw, Thanks for lunch uncle goh...

So in love with this song right now


那时我们听有好多话 什么事都可以讲
我的爱情比你早 却一直放在心上

后来你们之间的变化 我不想再多说话
经过了相遇和挣扎 我还是无法将他放下

那是多久后的事了 有一天你突然问我
在那个时候 是否也爱着他

我也很想他 我们都一样
在他的身上 曾找到翅膀
只是那时的他 是因为你他开始飞翔

我也很想他 在某个地方
我少了尴尬 你少了肩膀
而夏天还是那么短 思念却很长

还记得 那年我们曾许下的愿望



I would like to believe that most things are within our control...
It takes a pretty determine and strong mind to overcome barriers.

nice weather today
cool and rainy
i love rain...